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Brining Bait for Shasta Lake Salmon and Trout

by JEFF GOODWIN / Jeff Goodwin Guide Service
Shasta Lake in northern California is the largest water reservoir in California, holding nearly 4.6 million acre feet of water.  With depths as deep as 517 feet, and over 365 miles of shoreline, it is very rich in its aquatic
(More...) (Sunday, January 21, 2018)

Let's check out Lake Almanor

by PHIL AKERS / My Outdoor Buddy
There's a tiny locomotive on display in Chester, CA that was used from 1910 until 1914 to construct a dam on the North Fork Feather River, creating what is now Lake Almanor. Also used in the construction of nearby Butt
(More...) (Friday, January 19, 2018)

Smith River Steel

by MARIO GOMEZ / Ironhead Guide Service
The coastal rivers have been getting some much needed rain and the fisherman have been getting some much needed river therapy. We have been doing well and the Klamath, Smith, and Chetco look like they will fish through the weekend with the next rise
(More...) (Thursday, January 18, 2018)

Proper Handling of Euthanized Animals Critical to Protect Wildlife

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has confirmed three recent incidents of pentobarbital poisoning in raptors and would like to remind veterinarians and the public about proper handling of euthanized companion animals, horses, livestock and poultry to prevent
(More...) (Thursday, January 18, 2018)

When Can I Get the 2018 Warden Stamp?

by CARRIE WILSON / California Department of Fish and Game
Question: I enjoy collecting the warden stamps (or decals) that come out every year. Is there a new edition coming out for 2018 soon? When will it be available? (Bridget) Answer: Yes! The 2018 Warden Stamp is now available for $5 online at ca.wildlifelicense.com/internetsales,
(More...) (Thursday, January 18, 2018)

Sentinel/Herald Fish Report

Ocean conditions this week featured a massive west swell, generated by an extreme low pressure system hovering off the Pacific Northwest coast. “This swell will bring hazardous seas to the region as well as large breaking waves to the coastline
(More...) (Thursday, January 18, 2018)

Coastal rivers brace for rain

by KENNY PRIEST / Fishing the North Coast
Coming off the first weekend of the winter steelhead season that saw all of the coastal rivers turn green, I was sure hoping to hear some better scores. From the South Fork Eel north to the Chetco, steelhead reports ranged
(More...) (Thursday, January 18, 2018)

Glory Hole Fishing Report

New Melones Lake level is currently at 1051.25 and 36.75 ft. from full. Water level had dropped to the year low of 1050.00 before rising to current level. Water temperature is 54 d. clarity is good, with some staining in
(More...) (Tuesday, January 16, 2018)

Trout and stealhead are on the bite

by KIRK PORTOCARRERO / SacRiverGuide.com
Over the weekend favr fished 4 clients and had a successful  day on the water most fish were 15 to 18 inches they landed over 30 in the net great job guys ! All fish were caught on lite tackle
(More...) (Tuesday, January 16, 2018)

Lake Siskiyou Trout it's what's for dinner

by SCOTT CALDWELL / SC Guide Service
Lake Siskiyou is the place to go to catch fish release fish and eat fish. Sunday was another fantastic day on the water Conner and I caught fish on everything we put in water check it out and enjoy! Sunday's VIDEO
(More...) (Tuesday, January 16, 2018)

Chasing the Turkey Slams

by JOHN HIGLEY / My Outdoor Buddy
I’ve been writing about turkey hunting since 1971. That’s when the first spring turkey season was held in California.  It was around that time that turkey hunting started to grow in importance throughout the country.  Thanks to game department conservation
(More...) (Monday, January 15, 2018)

Topaz Smallie

by DOUG BUSEY / Carson Now
Angler Doug Busey checked in with an update from Topaz Lake. On Sunday, January 14th Doug caught and released this beautiful 3.6 pound Smallmouth Bass. Doug is a regular contributor to Eastern Sierra Fish Reports. Thank you Doug!
(More...) (Sunday, January 14, 2018)

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