Virginia Lakes Sportfishing Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Carolyn Webb

Fishing is still going strong in the high country, even up to the last Frog Lake. A small weather system went through and dropped a bit of rain on Tuesday, and that was the last of the system. We are expecting more rain, but doubt if that will happen as the am and pm temperatures are not low enough for snow, and wind is needed to drop the temp to for snow to happen. It's only fall and still early, no worries yet!

Night crawlers and salmon peach power bait are still the top baits for the week, with Zeke's gold taking a close second. Gold Kastmaster, Black Rooster Tail, Red/Gold Bouyant, and the size "O" Mepps Black Fury have done the honors in the lure category.

DFG is still stocking, and I have to commend them for their efforts this summer under adverse conditions with fuel, equipment and logistics. It's been a real bear for them, and I hate to see them criticized under any condition. Understanding at this point in time would be greatly appreciated by the Department. Tim Alpers stocked some special 15" plus rainbows from Conway Ranch along with a small surprise.

Flies at the top of the list would be Doc'sTwin Lakes Special in dark olive, or the olive woolly buggers and a hare's ear dropper, Prince Nymph, Sowbug, Zug Bug and a Bird's Nest in olive. Dries working are the Griffith's Gnat, Grey Hackle Yellow, Black Ants and Grey Hackle Peacock. Most tubers are stripping, and doing well, but when that magic moment arrives for dries, they never seem to be on the water.

Deer season (rifle) started today, so please remember to take off your antlers before you head into your favorite backcountry lake. Keep those rods bent....carolyn

Virginia Lakes Resort is located near the top of Conway Summit between Mono Lake and Bridgeport, CA. We have everything you need to enjoy the Eastern Sierra. Check out our WEBSITE.

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