Lake Nacimiento Fishing Report

Lake Nacimiento - Bradley, CA (San Luis Obispo County)

by Lake Nacimiento Staff
(805) 283-3256

Nate here from Lake Nacimiento Marina with your September fish report. Fall is back! This is hands down my favorite time of year to fish, the water temp is still sitting between 70-75 degrees but with colder nights and variable temperatures during the days the water temp will be dropping drastically over the next month. When the water reaches colder temperatures, 50-60 degrees, large bass will be congregating in shallow flats near the larger inlets. For now, bass schools can be found throughout the entire lake. Although schools will begin moving deeper into the coves, if they aren’t already, trolling the flatter banks of the main channel has proven fruitful for some anglers.

Top water action is increasing significantly in the morning, with cooler temperatures, bass are moving to the shallow flats. If you come across a school of bass in one of these shallow areas use a top-water lure like a Pop-R or use a shallow diving crankbait or unweighted swimbait. It is important to work the lure on the surface or if you have a weighted lure, let it fall, bass will strike when enticed with a falling lure. Always remember the bass in Lake Nacimiento school, if you get a bite or a catch in one area, continue to cast and chances are you will catch many more.

Spotted Bass and White Bass have been doing very well recently. I have witnessed several White Bass boils near the marina and we are seeing more Spotted Bass chasing shad every day. This is the perfect time to experience the best of Lake Nacimiento. The weather is still warm, the crowds have dispersed and the fishing is great! What more could you want?

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