Baum Lake - Cassel, CA

Lake Information

Fish Species: Rainbow Trout

Latest Fish Plants

Plant DateSpeciesSourceTotal Pounds
12-23-2018Rainbow TroutCDFW 
10-07-2018Rainbow TroutCDFW 
9-16-2018Rainbow TroutCDFW 
9-09-2018Rainbow TroutCDFW 
9-02-2018Rainbow TroutCDFW 

Latest Fish Reports

Date Report Author
1-18-2019 Try nymphs at Baum Lake
I visited Baum Lake last Saturday afternoon, spinning... more »
Gary Heffley
12-30-2018 Don't Forget About Baum Lake
Baum Lake is a very popular stop for... more »
Gary Heffley
8-23-2018 The Callibaetis Work Well at Baum Lake
Report: The lake looks good! The Callibaetis are coming... more »
The Fly Shop
1-31-2018 Baum Lake Brownies Active
Baum Lake has always been one of my... more »
Gary Heffley
2-1-2017 Baum Lake continues to produce
Baum Lake continues to produce good fishing this... more »
Gary Heffley

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