Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CA

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Fish Species: California Halibut, Chinook Salmon, Great White Shark, Lingcod, Thresher Shark

Latest Fish Reports

Date Report Author
2-19-2021 Water Conditions Are Slowly Improving
The water conditions are slowly improving now that... more »
Todd Fraser
1-10-2021 Perch Fishing Has Been Slow Due to The Big Swell
The Sand Dab fishing was good for the... more »
Todd Fraser
12-20-2020 Bayside Marine Fishing Report
The fishing is still going well for the... more »
Todd Fraser
12-4-2020 Winter Weather is Still Holding Off
Winter weather is still holding off. We’ve had... more »
Allen Bushnell
11-29-2020 Weather Remains Calm Here in Santa Cruz
The weather remains calm here in Santa Cruz... more »
Todd Fraser