Monterey Bay

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Fish Species: Barred Surfperch, Bluefin Tuna, California Halibut, Chinook Salmon, Striped Bass

Latest Fish Reports

Date Report Author
12-3-2021 Rockfish among the big hits as bluefin action slows
The big bluefin bite of 2021 has not... more »
Allen Bushnell
11-19-2021 Anglers enjoying options, continued shots at trophy fish
Monterey Bay anglers enjoyed a great week of... more »
Allen Bushnell
11-14-2021 The calm weather is still here and the anglers are catching some bluefin
The calm weather is still here and the... more »
Bayside Marine
11-12-2021 Anglers’ persistence in bluefin tuna hunt still paying off
Bluefin fever still grips most serious anglers in... more »
Allen Bushnell
11-8-2021 Bluefin Anglers Got Lucky Today
The bluefin anglers did get lucky today while... more »
Bayside Marine