Monterey Bay

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Fish Species: Barred Surfperch, Bluefin Tuna, California Halibut, Chinook Salmon, Striped Bass

Latest Fish Reports

Date Report Author
7-23-2021 First bluefin tuna report in; Monterey Bay sees increase in ‘warm-water’ fish
Last week we noted an increase of more... more »
Allen Bushnell
7-19-2021 Bayside Marine Fishing Report
I just got a late report of Salmon... more »
Bayside Marine
7-16-2021 Kayak fisherman Aaron Treadway hauls in 39.95-pound halibut
Finally, the weather conditions are settling in to... more »
Allen Bushnell
7-11-2021 Salmon Are Still Being Caught Off The Bottom
The Salmon are still being caught near the... more »
Todd Fraser
7-5-2021 The majority of the Salmon action was in 140-220 feet
The Salmon was slower today but there were... more »
Bayside Marine