Saltwater Fish Reports

For the week of August 19, 2019

Big Cs Charters: 14 Fish By 9am: 14 fish by... more »
Christian Cavanaugh (Updated 2019-08-21)
California Dawn Sportfishing: California Dawn Fishing Report: We had a... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-08-21)
Fish Emeryville: Light Open Load Today: Another great day... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2019-08-21)
Another Great Rockfish/Lingcod Trip: Another great trip rock fish and lingcod fishing... more »
Jay Yokomizo (Updated 2019-08-20)
Monday Salmon Limits!: Spectacular weather and fishing today for 19 limits... more »
Allen Chin (Updated 2019-08-19)
Lingcod up to 20 Pounds: Today the weather was absolutely beautiful aboard the... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-08-19)
Half Moon Bay Sportfishing: Limits Continues...: It continues more... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2019-08-21)
: Flat weather and great fishing! Another day of... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2019-08-20)
: Man sure is nice to have calm weather... more »
Wallace Klughers (Updated 2019-08-19)
Happy Hooker Sportfishing: White Sea bass come on!: Limits of White... more »
Jonathon Smith (Updated 2019-08-20)
Kahuna Sportfishing: King Salmon : These finicky salmon... more »
Carol Jones (Updated 2019-08-21)
Lovely Martha Sportfishing: Capt. Joe reports in with salmon limits close to home!!!: 8/21/19. LIMITS!!! Now... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-08-21)
Lovely Martha scores easy limits!!!: 8/19/19. Today was another incredible day of salmon... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-08-19)
Salty Lady Sportfishing: The big ones showed up today !!: So... we have... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-08-21)
LIMITS !! AGAIN !!: Yet another fantastic day of LIMITS !!! 48... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-08-20)
WIDE OPEN !!!!: Hard to find the words to describe that... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-08-19)