Happy Hooker Sportfishing

Berkeley, CA

Happy Hooker Sportfishing
201 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94710

Tide Chart

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Happy Hooker Sportfishing Fleet

Captains Chris Smith and Jonathan Smith
(510) 223-5388
Captains Chris Smith and Jonathon Smith

Fish Counts for May 26th, 2019
Boat Trip Type Anglers Fish Count
Pacific Dream Full Day 28 200 Halibut Released, 52 Halibut (up to 17 pounds), 5 Striped Bass (up to 6 pounds), 1 Leopard Shark (up to 10 pounds), 1 Striped Bass Released
Happy Hooker Sportfishing Dock Totals
1 Boats 1 Trips 28 Anglers 52 Halibut, 5 Striped Bass, 1 Leopard Shark, 200 Halibut Released, 1 Striped Bass Released
As of 2:30 PM May 26th, 2019

Trip Photos