Weekly Report

For the week of October 28, 2019

Bay Area

Contra Loma Reservoir: Contra Loma Fishing Report: TROUT We recommend fishing... more »
East Bay Regional Park District (888) EB-PARKS (Updated 2019-10-30)
Del Valle Lake: Del Valle Lake Fishing Report: Trout: Time to... more »
Del Valle Marina (510) 544-3146 (Updated 2019-10-28)
Lake Chabot: Lake Chabot Fishing Report: The water temperature... more »
East Bay Regional Park District (888) EB-PARKS (Updated 2019-10-30)
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Two 7 Pound Rainbow Trout : Yekam El Nakar... more »
Los Vaqueros Staff (925) 371-2628 (Updated 2019-11-02)
Quarry Lakes: Horseshoe Lake Fishing Report: GENERAL CONDITIONS If the... more »
East Bay Regional Park District (888) EB-PARKS (Updated 2019-10-30)
San Pablo Reservoir: Sturgeon on San Pablo Reservoir: San Pablo Reservoir... more »
San Pablo Reservoir (Updated 2019-11-01)
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Shadow Cliffs Reservoir Fishing Report: Concession Hours: Closed... more »
East Bay Regional Park District (888) EB-PARKS (Updated 2019-10-30)

Central California

No reports for this week!

Central Sierra

Lake Tahoe: Hooked Up Saturday Report: Not too bad... more »
Hans Moxley (530) 546-2221 (Updated 2019-11-02)

Central Valley Rivers

Sacramento River: Salmon to Trout : My second day... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2019-11-03)
Salmon and Steelhead Combos: Cold weather doesn't  bother my family from Southern... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2019-11-02)
King Salmon and Steelhead Combos : With the water dropping drastically down 12 inches... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2019-11-01)
Steelhead King Salmon Combos: Wind is gone thank the Lord !!!! Fishing... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2019-10-31)
Steelhead and Salmon combos : The wind has really kicked are buts lately... more »
Kirk Portocarrero (530) 221-6151 (Updated 2019-10-28)
Sacramento River - Lower: Egg bite hot for Sac River steelhead/rainbows: Its time folks... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2019-11-03)
Fishing For Wild Rainbow Continues to Be Outstanding : Lower Sac report by Andrew Harris: Fishing for... more »
Randy Hamann (775) 781-1058 (Updated 2019-11-01)
Lower Sacramento Fishing Report: Lower Sac report by Kevin Kay: Tom and... more »
Confluence Outfitters 888-481-1650 (Updated 2019-10-30)
Steelhead bite is taking center stage on the Lower Sac! : There are still a lot of King salmon in... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2019-10-30)


Antioch Oakley Shoreline Pier: Antioch Oakly Pier Fishing Report: Fishing has been... more »
East Bay Regional Park District (888) EB-PARKS (Updated 2019-10-30)

Eastern Sierra

Crowley Lake: Crowley Lake Fishing Report: The lake is... more »
Doug Rodricks (760) 935-4250 (Updated 2019-11-02)
East Walker River (CA): Flows Are at Optimal Levels: Flows are at... more »
Doug Rodricks (760) 935-4250 (Updated 2019-11-02)
Grant Lake: Nice Browns on Grant Lake: No tricker treating... more »
Dan Lengning (661) 478-0036 (Updated 2019-11-01)
Dan's Guide Service at Grant Lake: Very cold evening taking out Rob from Clear... more »
Dan Lengning (661) 478-0036 (Updated 2019-10-30)
Hot Creek: Hot Creek is Fishing Good : Hot Creek is... more »
Doug Rodricks (760) 935-4250 (Updated 2019-11-02)
Lake Mary: Fishing Has Been Great!: Wow! Fishing has... more »
Lake Mary Marina (760) 934-5353 (Updated 2019-11-01)
3.25 Lb. Rainbow: Over the weekend Matt Wieczorek from Temecula, CA... more »
Lake Mary Marina (760) 934-5353 (Updated 2019-10-29)
Owens River - Section 3 - Upper (above Crowley): Big Rainbows Moving In: The big rainbows... more »
Doug Rodricks (760) 935-4250 (Updated 2019-11-02)
Truckee River: Truckee River Fly Fishing Report : Coming into this... more »
Orvis Company (Updated 2019-11-03)
Truckee is Fishing in Winterlike Conditions: Truckee River   Cold weather settled into the Truckee River... more »
Reno Fly Shop (775) 323-3474 (Updated 2019-11-01)
The Truckee is FIshing Fantastic: The Truckee is fishing fantastic, Especially the Nevada... more »
Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters 775-742-1754 (Updated 2019-10-29)
Twin Lakes (Bridgeport): 8 Lb. C & R: Michael Nollan caught... more »
Twin Lakes Resort Staff (760) 932-7751 (Updated 2019-11-02)


Eagle Lake: Eagle Lake Conditions: Skim ice starting... more »
Valerie Aubrey (Updated 2019-11-03)
Feather River: Salmon Fishing is in High Gear: The salmon fishing... more »
California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau (916) 777 - 4041 (Updated 2019-11-03)
River Closes November 15: River closes November 15th. Straight lining nymphs thru... more »
Mountain Hardware & Sports (530) 587–4844 (Updated 2019-11-01)
Gold Lake: Best Time of The Year: Not sure of... more »
Mountain Hardware & Sports (530) 587–4844 (Updated 2019-11-01)
Lake Davis: Bank Fishing Has Picked Up : All docks are... more »
Mountain Hardware & Sports (530) 587–4844 (Updated 2019-11-01)

North Coast

Trinity River - Willow Creek Weir: WINTER LIKE WEATHER IS STEALHEAD WEATHER: Sorry about no... more »
E.B. Duggan (530) 629-3554 (Updated 2019-11-03)


San Francisco Bay: San Francisco Bay Fishing Report: The beat goes... more »
California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau (Updated 2019-11-03)
Monterey Bay: Allen Bushnell: Let's Go Fishing : Conditions were quite... more »
Allen Bushnell (Updated 2019-11-01)
Point Pinole Pier: Point Pinole Pier Fishing Report: Fishing has slowed... more »
East Bay Regional Park District (Updated 2019-10-30)
Ferry Point Pier: Ferry Point Pier Fishing Report: The conditions on... more »
East Bay Regional Park District (Updated 2019-10-30)
Bass Tub Sportfishing: Early LImits!: Today November 3... more »
Aaron Anfinson (Updated 2019-11-03)
Great Crab Combo Today: November 1st Today crab combo was another great... more »
Aaron Anfinson (Updated 2019-11-02)
California Dawn Sportfishing: What a Fantastic Opener!: Flat weather. Wide... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-11-03)
Great Crab Combo Opener Today: We had a great crab combo opener today.... more »
James Smith (Updated 2019-11-02)
Fish Emeryville: Sea Wolf Sunday Report: Another beautiful day... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-11-03)
Crab Season is Here!: The Dungeness Crab/Rockfish combo season has started today... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-11-02)
Sea Wolf Fishing Update: The last half of October has been a... more »
Joe Hobbs (Updated 2019-10-30)
Half Moon Bay Sportfishing: Killer kid: One of the... more »
William Smith (Updated 2019-11-03)
34 limits Of crab and 34 limits cod.: Not crossbars where we are located. 19-20 a... more »
Dennis Baxter (Updated 2019-11-03)
Crab combo baby!: Today marks the first ever crab combo trip... more »
Sherry Ingles (Updated 2019-11-03)
Deep reef Rock fishing 11-2: Another FANTASTIC DAY of bottom fishing at the... more »
William Smith (Updated 2019-11-02)
Happy Hooker Sportfishing: Farallon rockfish and Dungeness Crab: Wide open! Easy... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2019-11-03)
Crab Only: Crab only trip was a big success! Amazing results... more »
Chris Smith (Updated 2019-11-02)
Kahuna Sportfishing: Huge vermilion action on Long Range rockfish trip: EASY limits of... more »
Carol Jones (Updated 2019-11-02)
Lovely Martha Sportfishing: Limits limits limits: 11/3/19. LIMITS!! Today... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-11-03)
35 LIMITS of crab and jumbo rockfish to start the season!!: 11/2/19. LIMITS!! Now that was a great way... more »
Mike Rescino (Updated 2019-11-02)
Salty Lady Sportfishing: CRAB COMBOS NOW RUNNING FROM EMERYVILLE !!!: Crab/Rockfish combos now... more »
Jared Davis (Updated 2019-11-03)
SooHoo Sportfishing: Conditions change but bite continues!: Our clients cancelled... more »
Jeffrey SooHoo (Updated 2019-10-28)


Klamath River - Upper - CA: Klamath Steelhead Smackdown : Can't beat good... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2019-11-03)
Blues Skies and Klamath Steelhead : The scenery doesnt get much better on the... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2019-11-01)
Raw Klamath Steelhead fun: Raw unedited fishing fun on the Klamath River... more »
Scott Caldwell (530) 905-0758 (Updated 2019-10-29)
Trinity River: Trinity River report by Kevin Kay: Trinity River report... more »
Randy Hamann (775) 781-1058 (Updated 2019-11-02)
Trinity steelhead looking better!: Captain Justin Thompson fished the Trinity River today... more »
Jeff Goodwin (707) 616-1905 (Updated 2019-10-31)

Sierra Foothills

Lake Amador: 5.72 Lb. Cutbow : Late post from... more »
Lake Amador Staff (209) 274-4739 (Updated 2019-11-03)
Lake Oroville: Lake Oroville Fishing Report by Charles Cornelison: Air temp: 40-60... more »
RB Bass (Updated 2019-10-31)
New Melones Reservoir: Glory Hole Sports Annual Catfish Contest Winners: This years winner... more »
Glory Hole Sports Staff (209) 736-4333 (Updated 2019-11-02)

Wine Country North

Clear Lake: Clearlake, CA Fishing Report by Sean Wayman: 10-24-19 thru 10-26-19 Wild... more »
RB Bass (Updated 2019-10-31)
Clear Lake Guide Service Fishing Report: Definitely been a trying week here, trying to... more »
Ross England (707) 349-1427 (Updated 2019-10-31)