Jig is it at Coyote Lake

Coyote Lake - CA (Santa Clara County)

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Jig bite is good on green pumpkin/orange or chartreuse. Chatter baits also will work. Coyote Bait & Tackle (408) 463-0711

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Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Lake Almanor: Late A.M. bite at Almanor
Lake Amador: Amador trout bite at night
Anderson Reservoir: Bass shallow at Anderson
Bass Lake: Trout biting at Bass Lake
Lake Berryessa: Koke bite on at Berryessa
Bridgeport Reservoir: Bridgeport trout bite slowing for full moon
Bucks Lake: Bucks kicking out kokes
Calero Lake: Hit Calero for crappie
Lake Camanche: Camanche cats on the prowl
Caples Lake: Caples in great shape
Lake Chabot: Bass good, cats getting better at Chabot
Chesbro Reservoir: Options available at Chesbro
Clear Lake: Top water, frogs work at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Collins Lake tops for trout
Contra Loma Reservoir: Fair prospects at Contra Loma

Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Lake Almanor: Inconsistent bite at Almanor
Lake Amador: Good bluegill, solid trout at Amador
Anderson Reservoir: Rising water, better bass at Anderson
Antelope Lake: Antelope full, bite slow
Bear Lake: Good trout at Bear River Lake
Lake Berryessa: Berryessa trout, kokes better
Boca Reservoir: Some action at Boca
Bridgeport Reservoir: Boaters score at Bridgeport
Bucks Lake: Solid kokanee bite at Bucks
Bullards Bar Reservoir: Koke action improves at Bullards Bar
Calero Lake: Go bright at murky Calero
Lake Camanche: Big cats, some trout at Camanche
Lake Chabot: Solid bass bite at Chabot
Chesbro Reservoir: Chatter for bass at Chesbro
Clear Lake: Clear Lake top water improving
Collins Lake: Collins Lake a winner
Contra Loma Reservoir: Fair trout, evening bass at Contra Loma
Davis Lake: Tough go at Davis
Del Valle Lake: Striper, trout in DV narrows
Donner Lake: Donner producing shoreline trout
Don Pedro Reservoir: Bankies get bass at Don Pedro
Indian Creek Reservoir: Indian Creek to get plant soon
Gold Lake: Shore anglers get trout in Gold Lake Basin
June Lake: Slow bite at June Lake
Gull Lake: Sporadic bite at Gull
Silver Lake: Silver top loop lake
Lafayette Reservoir: Lafayette trout bite hot
Lexington Reservoir: Cats biting at Lexington
Lewiston Lake: Lewiston trout willing
Lopez Lake : Trout fair at Lopez
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: LV fishes well through the wind
Lake Mendocino: Stripers on the Mendo menu
Lake Oroville: Bass active at Oroville
Pardee Reservoir: Pardee bite tough
Prosser Reservoir: Prosser arm best spot
Pyramid Lake: Pyramid bite winding down
Quarry Lakes: Algae plagues Quarry Lakes
San Luis Reservoir: San Luis worth a striper try
San Pablo Reservoir: Shoreline best at San Pablo
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Trout plant should boost Shadow Cliffs
Shasta Lake: Go early, beat skiiers at Shasta
Lake Sonoma: Sonoma bass turning on
Stampede Reservoir: Stampede koke bite on
Lake Tahoe: Mixed bag at Tahoe
Trinity Lake: Trinity bass steady
Uvas Reservoir: Uvas cats waiting
American River: American River shad edging up
Carson River: Carson forks stuffed with trout
Feather River: Feather stripers back on
Napa River: Napa action scattered
Feather River: Colusa shad good, striper fair
Sacramento River: Stripers, shad in Butte Co.
Truckee River: Truckee ready for weekend
Yuba River: Yuba worth a shad
Feather River: Middle Fork Feather worth a hike
Feather River: North Fork trout biting below Caribou
Sacramento Delta: Stripers moving toward Antioch
: Benicia shoreline producing stripers
Discovery Bay: Clear water, stripers in Disco Bay
Sacramento Delta: Topwater the ticket in Franks Tract
Sacramento Delta: Shad, stripers, smallmouth in Freeport
Sacramento Delta: Blowout in Pittsburg
Sacramento Delta: West side hot spot in Rio Vista
Sacramento Delta: Variety available near Stockton
: Bait in and out at Capitola
: Great rock cod bite in Crescent City
: Eureka rock cod great, salmon elusive
: Fort Bragg rock cod plentiful
: Stripers hitting Pacifica beaches
: South Bay halibut bite turning on
: No slowing San Pablo Bay striper bite
: Sturgeon hooked at Martinez Pier