New Melones Reservoir Fish Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

The water is fairly clear in some areas and slightly stained in others.  The water temperature will be cooling a bit each week until the lake turns over.  The lake temperature ranges from 58-64 degrees depending on what part of the lake you are fishing.  The docks have been moved on Glory Hole Point.  This makes for an easy launch and very short walk to and from the parking lot.  The trout are biting and most anglers are catching some nice fish on each outing.  There are more fish showing up near the surface making them easier to catch for both trolling anglers and bank anglers.  With the lake level slowly rising and the water temperature dropping the fish should continue to get better each week.  Trolling anglers should try fishing from 30' to the surface.  It is a good idea to troll at different depths until find a concentration of fish.  Try fishing a tandem spoon rig from 10-30' on a downrigger or with a diving plane.  Needlefish, Excel, and Speedy Shiner spoons are good choices.  Another good way to catch some better quality fish is by rolling shad.  Try using chartreuse dyed shad in shallower water and blue dyed shad down deeper.  Bank anglers have been catching more and more fish each week.  Most anglers are targeting fish that are feeding near the bottom.  Try using a sliding sinker with an 18-24" leader and a light wire hook.  With this set up you will be able to use Power Bait Dough, Power Eggs, marsh mallows, crawlers, or a combination.  The key is to use a light wire hook, and before you make a cast, check to see if your bait is floating.  There are also quite a few fish feeding and cruising near the surface.  The best way to target these fish is with a bubble/crawler, or a bubble/fly rig.  Also, casting and retrieving and Kastmaster, is a great way to cover water and find feeding fish.  Catfish are still in fairly shallow water and feeding heavily.  At this time of the year we generally see some really large cats being caught, especially if we get a little rain.  They will move into feeder creeks and feed on whatever washes into the lake.  Try using a variety of different baits until the fish tell you what they want to feed on.  Night crawlers, liver, shad, and anchovies seem to produce the majority of fish.  It is very important to use a sliding sinker or no weight at all.Glory Hole Sports  (209) 736-4333

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