New Melones Reservoir Fish Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

New Melones Lake is 140 feet. from full.  The water is fairly clear in some areas and slightly stained in others.  Water temperature is 60-66 degrees depending on what part of the lake you are fishing.  The docks have been moved on Glory Hole Point.  This makes for an easy launch and very short walk to and from the parking lot.   The trout bite has been getting better each week as the water temperature continues to drop.  There are more fish showing up near the surface making them easier to catch for both trolling anglers and bank anglers.  The trout are targeting balls of very small shad.  The trout will push the bait from deep to shallow water.  Try finding shallow water areas with deep water access.  Trolling anglers should try top lining small shad patterned baits.  A Rapala Jointed Shad Rap or Floating Minnow would be a perfect match to best resemble the bait fish.  Also, Needlefish, Excel, and Speedy Shiner spoons are working as well.  Another good way to pick up a few fish while top lining, is to troll a threaded crawler behind a tear drop dodger.  The dodger will give the crawler more action and draw fish from a distance.  Bank anglers have a catching more and more fish each week.  Most anglers are targeting fish that are feeding near the bottom.  Try using a sliding sinker with an 18-24" leader and a light wire hook.  With this set up you will be able to use Power Bait Dough, Power Eggs, marsh mallows, crawlers, or a combination.  The key is to use a light wire hook, and before you make a cast, check to see if your bait is floating.  There are also quite a few fish feeding and cruising near the surface.  The best way to target these fish is with a bubble/crawler, or a bubble/fly rig. Bass: American Bass held their season opener on Saturday November 9th.  18 teams showed up to fish the event and at the end of the day it was team Pierson/Pierson at the top of the leader board.  They had an impressive 5 fish limit that weighed 19.12-pounds.  They reported catching their fish from the river channel to the main lake on 6" worms fished on a darthead and a drop shot.  2nd place went to team Niapas/Harvey with a 17.08-pound limit.  They reported catching all their fish on C.R.L. jigs from 5-50' of water.  3rd place went to team Grier/Nieto with a 13.85-pound limit.  Most teams weighed in a five fish limit, with 10-pounds being an average bag.  The bite has been a little on the tough side for most, but should pick up once we get some weather. 

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