New Melones Reservoir Fish Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Trout bite is slow.  The trout are in deeper/cooler water.  The surface temperature has been warming which will keep the trout from coming up to shallow water.  Focus on the main river channel where cool water is constantly flowing.  Trout feed primarily on 3-5" shad.  Night fishing anglers have been catching some chunky 2-pound rainbows near the dam and the spillway.  Night crawlers and Power Bait have been the two most productive baits to use at night.  Also, try using live minnows fished under a slip float.  Try anchoring on a main lake point near deep water. Kokanee: Good.  The kokanee are working their way upriver for their annual spawn and die.  Anglers have located schools of kokanee near Glory Hole Point and upstream to the 49 bridge.  The fish are very clean, healthy and fat.  The bite has been good and the fish are extremely feisty.  Try using micro hoochies and spinners in pink, green, chartreuse and orange.  Most fish are being caught in 60-80' of water.  In deep water there is very little light penetration so it is important to use blades that will stand out.  Gold and copper are better choices than silver in dark or dirty water. Bass: Slow.  The bass have been really hard for most anglers to locate.  They will move up in the morning for a short period of time to feed.  Then they will head to deeper/cooler water throughout the day. 


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