Almanor Lake Fish Report

Lake Almanor - CA (Plumas County)

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Beautiful fall weather has surface temperature sliding to 59.5 degrees, while clarity has improved to about 9 feet.

Good reports coming in from all points around the east basin. Browns, rainbows and salmon are all actively moving and feeding on smelt. Huge clouds of bait fish are moving everywhere and the fish are following them. Actually pushing them all over the lake, especially the east basin. Trollers with crawlers, it’s hot one day and slow the next, same with fast action lures, just goes to show you that the fish are moving as the bait moves. Bait fishing has been getting good also.

Here are some go-to areas that have had some solid fish caught this week.

Prattville: Bait fish near the jetties, or the towers. Rainbows to four pounds off crickets, white tube jigs, and trolled crawlers rigged 30 feet deep


Rec.# 2:  Just 100 yards outside the log boom, white tube jigs ,. .yes, thats the west side, but the water is deep there...just do it!


Spar Buoy: 20 fish mornings reported mostly on jigs and a few off suspended bait, like mealworms, crickets and crawlers .. .all the usual stuff … go back the next day and ready to move or change your applications.  Spar Buoy is in the northwest corner of the east basin.. N.40 16.800  W121 06.700 that gets you in the ballpark. Looks for springs in this general area, within about a 300 yard. circle. If your sonar shows springs under the boat you have found the happy fishing grounds known as the Spar Buoy.


A-Frame: Anchovy for salmon in 50 feet of water, add some Pro-cure herring gel. Salmon are 2 1/2  year olds and up, and going 17 to 18.5 inches and thick.

However if the bait balls at the A-Frame are thick don't waste your time mooching because  they are not going to find your needle in a haystack full of food. Start trolling around the area to get fish lurking around trying to find the bait balls.

Big Springs: Salmon and browns, suspended bait all 4 feet off the bottom.


Hamilton Branch: Troll this area with 1/6 oz. Speedy Shiners, in white w/red polka dots, silver w/hammer finish, or  #2 Needlefish in the "Real Image pattern... or anything that looks like these lures..Remember the fish are after smelt. Anything that looks like a smelt can get hit these days.

The Ham Branch powerhouse is running both chutes. the additional flows have stacked fish out in front of the mouth. Access accurate Lake Almanor data at  Doug Neal (530) 258-6732

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