New Melones Reservoir Fish Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Trout bite has been good. Fishing at night under a submersible light is producing nice holdover trout. Bank anglers should head to local creeks or fish with a small minnow on a slip float rig 30-40 feet deep off Glory Hole Point or under the Highway 49 bridge. With so many bait fish available the bass are very healthy. Timing is very important when targeting bass feeding on shad. Morning and evening are the best times to locate feeding fish. Use lures that mimic injured and fleeing shad. Topwater baits such as Pop-Rs, Spooks, and Gunfish will work best. Also hard and soft jerkbait work well sub surface. It is a great time to fish at night. Be very quiet and move your baits slowly. Dark colored baits work best. Catfish are in coves and in shallower water. A sliding sinker rig, and a ball of crawlers or a piece of anchovy or sardine is your best bait. Leave your bail open so the cats can't feel the line if still-fishing. Successful catfish anglers move their bait often, even dragging it along the bottom and bouncing it into rocky nooks and crannies, rather than letting it sit still. Another good technique is a weightless rig. Use enough bait on your hook, so that you can make a good cast without using any lead. Let your bait sink slowly to the bottom and drift naturally with the current. (209) 736-4333, (209) 586-2383

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