New Melones Reservoir Fish Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Water temperature is 80-83 degrees. Water is green-stained (lots of plankton- a good thing!) with strong mud lines near shore. Trout: arepretty slow, except for those who fish at night under a submersible light.  Drop a nightcrawler/Power Bait combo or a live minnow under the light. Allow an hour or two for the baitfish to come around the light- then the action starts! Bank anglers should head to local creeks like Angels Creek, although we have the occasional trout caught by bank anglers in Angels Cove. Kokanee has slowed. Anglers who catch limits report having to work for them a lot more than they had to a month ago. Kokanee are congregating in the main lake 50-80 feet deep. The waters around Rose Island and the dam seem to be holding the most, and also largest, fish. Bass provide fair action. Water is very stained so noisy baits are your best bet, and adding a little chartreuse to your plastics is a good idea, too.  Fish the backs of coves. Most fish are being caught in fairly shallow water. Remember to practice catch and release.

This is big cat time!  Catfish are moving into the coves and into shallower water. They like big boulders and structure to hide in, especially near muddy flats. A sliding sinker rig, and a ball of crawlers or a piece of anchovy or sardine is your best bait. Leave your bail open so the cats can't feel the line if still-fishing. Successful catfish anglers move their bait often, even dragging it along the bottom and bouncing it into rocky nooks and crannies, rather than letting it sit still. Fishing for cats is usually best at night, but plenty of anglers catch them during the day as well.  

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