Fish Report from Steve Talmadge of Flash Sportfishing, Dec. 2, 2013

by Steve Talmadge
(510) 851-2500

Hey Fisherman,

Well the tides are starting to build and the weather has been fantastic. The last 2 days we've seen an increase in the fishing action. I believe it is due to the tides. The day before yesterday I had a group of 5. We had some decent action unfortunately most of the fish were short. Five or sie bass but we did box two nice striped bass. We also landed 3 Sturgeon. One was legal under the old measurements but was just short under the new measurement so back it went. The other 2 sturgeon were also short and back they went to grow up. Yesterday I had a great crew. The weather was fantastic the tides were even better and the food was excellent. We started the day was some hot links. Then we moved on to some antelope hors d'oeuvres. And then the lunch was elk burgers with red wine. We also had some decent action. I believe we had 5 or 6 striped bass again and two made the box, top fish was 8 1/2 pounds. I also think we had four Sturgeon and one made the box. Almost all of the bass took grass shrimp. The sturgeon are also taking grass shrimp over the salmon roe. The bigger sturgeon are taking eel and grass shrimp combo. I have been fishing the sand bar near buoy 4 during the fast part of the tides. Then I fish the shallower water during the slower part of the tides near the Benicia Bridge and the Fleet. The tides now are great all the way through about December 8th. I have some room during these good tides. So if you are interested give me a call at 510 851-2500. Enjoy the photos.

Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sport Fishing

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Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sportfishing Adventures
San Francisco, CA

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