New Sea Angler catches Rockcod limits + 4 Lingcod for 9 Anglers & is back at the Dock by 10:30 AM

by Rick Powers
(707) 875-3344

Rick Powers called in to give this report for fishing aboard the New Angler. "We took out 9 anglers who had full limits of Rockfish, 90 Rockfish plus 4 Lingcod to 16 lbs. We were tied up by 10:30 in the morning. We had quick limits of quality Black, Copper and Brown Rockfish.

"We are looking forward to the Dungeness opener on Nov. 2nd. We have plenty of room available if you are looking to get out on a Dungeness Crab/Rockcod/Lingcod combo trip. For information or reservations call 707-875-3495."

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New Sea Angler

Captain Rick Powers
Bodega Bay Sportfishing Center
Bodega Bay, CA

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