Pardee Lake is unaffected by the government shutdown & fishing is good

Pardee Reservoir - Ione, CA

by Pardee Reservoir Staff

Pardee Lake is unaffected by the government shutdown, all seasonal facilities and services are currently available.

The Marina reports that Stony Point Landing and the Woodpile have both been producing some nice trout during the week. Night crawlers, Power Eggs and Power Bait in yellow and white with garlic are the most successful offerings currently. Sliding sinker cast about 30' out works well for the Power Bait and a water bobber for the night crawlers.

Not many Trollers to speak of but those putting trout in the boat lately have been using Phoebe lures in blue, silver and rainbow with a small dodger or on the line by its self. Most are trolling at 20 to 30 feet, in front of the Dam along the intake barrel line and upriver near Columbia Gulch. No news or reports on Kokanee lately, however lures and depths for Kokanee will remain the same, use Uncle Larry's copper pops and pinkies along with wedding rings, apex and sling blades behind silver/gold or watermelon dodgers at 100 to 120 feet. Check at the Marina for all your fishing supplies, snacks and updated fishing information and hot spots. Some boaters continue to tie off in coves and bait fish from their boats with good results.

Water level dropped a bit and presently is receding approximately 6 inches per day. Water temperature is 61 degrees at 20 feet and 67 degrees at surface as measured in the Marina. Water clarity is good to 17' plus in the Marina.

Pardee Lake Recreation has planted a total of 29,000 lbs. of Rainbow Trout as of this report. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has also planted 2,000 lbs. of Trout to date for a grand total of 31,000 lbs.

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