The Triton Boat Owenrs Club saw 25 teams with 5 fish limits over 20 lbs. at Clear Lake

Clear Lake - Clearlake, CA (Lake County)

by Bob Myskey

It's been a month or so since I last updated my report and we are now in the fall season and also in the middle of the year end tournaments that hit us at this time of the year. This past weekend we had the Triton boat owners tournament with 85 teams hitting the lake prefishing and for two days of tournament time. Over 25 teams weighed in five fish limits of over 20 lbs for the first day. Both first place and second place has just over 52 lbs for their ten fish and the two days of fishing. The big fish of the event was just slightly over 10 lbs. and there were several seven & eight lbers caught.

The teams reported catching their fish on a whole variety of baits, those mentioned the most were jig's, crankbaits, drop shot worms, lipless cranbaits (LV's by lucky craft) & the ever popular "Trash Fish" swim bait. There was even a mention of some fish being caught on buzz baits and maybe a frog fish or two.

While the winning weights were very impressive, there were also many teams who struggled with much smaller weights and there were teams on both days that failed to weigh in a limit of five fish. That's typical for this time of the year, you have to move around, cover a lot of water and try different baits to see what's working.

The majority of the 85 teams concentrated their efforts mid-lake to the East & South arms. It will continue to be a very busy and very pressured lake through the next two weekends. The FLW pros are already here and some have been here for several days. Their tournament starts this coming Thurs 10/10 and will finish up on Sat 10/12 with the final ten pro's competing for the top prize. The following Fri & Sat will find at least another 150 teams pounding the water for the American Bass TOC and lot's of them will be here in advance for their pre-fishing. If you plan to fish the lake during these next two weeks, be prepared to have lot's of company on your favorite fishing hole.

The lake is now at it's lowest point of the year so be very careful as you boat close to shore and steer really wide on any points and at the mouths of any creeks, very easy to damage your prop if you don't pay attention.

The results of this past weekends tournament once again proves that Clear Lake is a world class bass fishery but it also proves that you have to put in your time and it not going to come easy. ""Good Luck"" stay safe, and send me a fishing report of how you do.

God Bless,

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