A 2nd Sacramento Delta Fishing Report

Sacramento Delta

by RB Bass

September 25, 2013 by RB Bass Fishing

I had a small club tournament this past Saturday out of Ladd's Marina. Water temperature was around 68 to 66 degrees; forecast reported partly cloudy, winds 12 to 13 mph and 30% chance of rain. I really enjoy rain this time of year because it gives the bass the opportunity to roam the flats and feed. The tide was high outgoing all day, this would give us a shot at a few big fish throughout the day. My brother and I started off with top water. I was throwing a River2Sea Whopper Plopper and my brother was throwing a buzz bait. I pre-fished some berm's in disappointment slough prior to the tournament and wasn't too successful but I figured this weather should push up some nice size fish. I managed to get a few keepers right off the bat but nothing of any size. My brother picks up a Claymore Jig by TNT Baits and sticks a five and three quarter pound fish, right on the point. It was right around 8:30 when we made our next move. I went to the back of bear creek to try and punch a few fish to finish our limit out early. Finally at 10:30 we punch two 13 inch fish and we complete our limit for 9 pounds. The tide was still high enough to fish some rock walls with big weed flats. So we fish the flats for a few hours just upgrading by ounces. Right around 12:30 we made our final move to fish one berm for the rest of the day, in the past we've caught some nice fish on it, just nothing really huge. My first flip I stick a six and half pounder on the berm. We decided to keep making passes around the berm until weigh-ins. Every time we went around the berm we would cull a fish out. We ended up winning the tournament with 21.80 and took big fish of the tournament with a 6.64. Second place had 21 pounds and third place had 16 pounds. I spoke with second and third place finishers and we all agreed that the key to our success was to wait out the fish and be patient with every bite.

I hope this will help on your next fishing trip.

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