Excellent Sacramento River Salmon Fishing and the Biggest Average Fish I've Ever Seen!

Sacramento River - CA

by Kevin Brock

Catching, catching, and more catching! It's been an amazing North State salmon season so far this year. Not only are the salmon plentiful, but the average size is over 20 pounds, and we're landing 30-plus pound salmon every week.

This is the biggest average salmon size I have ever seen for the Sacramento and Feather rivers. Each bite has the potential to be the salmon of a lifetime, and almost every hookup is a big, hard-fighting fish.

Every day is an adventure, and there is wildlife everywhere. Just heading up the river in the morning, we'll often see deer, turkeys, quail, bald eagles, great blue herons, beavers, otters, and ducks of all types. And the best part is, the giant king salmon are jumping all over the river too, and we're catching them like crazy.

For best results and maximum fun, we use light tackle for these monster salmon. We'll often use a simple 1/0 Owner octopus hook with a puff ball, attached to a P-Line fluorocarbon leader and P-Line CXX main line.

One of the secrets to our constant success is my own special Kevin Brock's cured roe. Fresh, juicy, and cured to perfection, this roe is like candy to the big salmon - candy they can't resist.

Tap... tap... tap... wham! Fish On! It's been like that all day long this season, much to the delight of my fishing clients.

The new custom series Lamiglas draggin' rods that I designed have been a huge hit too. They are so sensitive that every bottom tap can be felt, but they have have the authority to handle those big salmon with ease. Just look at that bend in the rod when those big fish slam the bait and rip that line! But these strong, sensitive Lamiglas rods handle it with ease, and bring in those big salmon every time.

Speaking of handling things with ease, I've been really impressed with the Penn 3500 Spinfisher reels we're using. Day in and day out, these reels take heaps of abuse from the big burly salmon, but we have had ZERO malfunctions or problems. That's an amazing track record when used daily against salmon as big as they are this season. I don't say this lightly, but I've used spinning reels my whole life, and these nearly unbreakable Penn Sportfishers are the best spinning reels ever for big fish.

The Flatfish bite is picking up too, and many fish are starting to be caught on plugs. Pink and white, or green head with gold body in sizes T-55 or T-60 have been working. When backtrolling down the river, clients get to watch the wildlife and jumping fish from the comfort of the new super-comfortable Bass Pro Shop seats... at least until a big ol' salmon slams that plug and the fight is on. It's exciting!

The pictures speak for themselves. It's been an amazing season so far, and there are plenty more fish to be caught. Fishing will stay very good for another couple of incredible months.

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