Fishing at Pardee slowed after the Fishing Derby, it should pick up again soon

Pardee Reservoir - Ione, CA

by Fred Dorman
(209) 772-1472

Weather outlook much the same as last week. Temperatures in the 90's for this weekend and continuing throughout the week. Look for mild breezes and some high clouds.

It's been very quiet in the Recreation Area since the Derby last week. Saw a few anglers on the bank opposite the EBMUD dock and over on Stony Point Landing but didn't see any fish caught while here this morning. The Woodpile might be worth investigating since the water there is always a bit cooler and you can get out further and deeper. Sliding sinker cast about 30' out works well in this area. The baits of choice have remained unchanged; anglers working the banks are using Power Bait (eggs or worms) with garlic and glitter. Pistol Pete's and Mouse (mice) Tails, in addition pink Power Worms and night crawlers on a water bobber have been successful lately.

Pressure from the Derby has impacted the trolling somewhat but it will soon recover. Try upstream near and around Deer Island, Columbia Gulch and Indian Rock. The Gate reports that one boater reports that the Kokes have begun to show some early signs of turning and are losing some scales and brightness. Kokanee continue to hang in the cooler, deeper water in the 90 to 100 foot strata. Trollers continue to use Uncle Larry's copper pops and pinkies along with wedding rings, apex and sling blades behind silver/gold or watermelon dodgers. Check at the Marina for all your fishing supplies, snacks and updated fishing information and hot spots.

Not much news about Trout this report. They have been showing up in the River mouth, upriver and the South end as well in 50 to 60 feet of water. The Marina reports both Pho-ebe and Boyant lures in pinks and rainbow color schemes are doing well with or without corn and flashers. Once again bait fishing from the back of a boat in the coves from Mel's to Rattlesnake has been good also.

Cat fish have been turning up off and on in the Recreation area under Tom Sawyer Island Bridge and the area to the rear of the Marina. The best spots currently are the coves from Mel's to Rattlesnake. Chicken livers, Power Bait and night crawlers are the baits of choice.

Water level has stabilized and is 2 to 4 feet from the spillway and is holding steady. Water temperature is 67 degrees at 20 feet and 74 degrees at surface as measured in the Marina. Water clarity is good to 17' plus in the Marina.

Pardee Lake Recreation has planted a total of 27,000 lbs. of Rainbow Trout as of this report. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has also planted 2,000 lbs. of Trout to date for a grand total of 29,000 lbs.

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