Catfish provided the best bite at New Melones this week

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Glory Hole Sports Staff
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Water Conditions: New Melones Lake is currently holding 1,116,740 acre-feet of water. The lake level dropped two feet this week, and is currently at 958 ft. above sea level and 128 ft. from full. The average water temperature is a very warm 78-84 degrees. The lake is stained with mud lines forming near the shore in the afternoon.

Trout: Fair. There have been a few reports of trout being caught in the main lake by the Dam, spillway, and near the 49 bridge. The trout are hanging around the old river channel in deeper/cooler water. The shad are starting to school up near the mouths of major creek channels. The intersection where a major creek channels meets the old river channel is great area to target the trout. Night fishing anglers are still catching a few limits of chunky 2-pound plus rainbows while fishing under a submersible light. Try using night crawlers and Power Bait to target these quality fish. Trolling anglers try using shad patterned baits that have a large profile. Shad Raps, Rattle Traps, Speed Traps, and Apexs are a few good choices. Trolling in dingy/stained water it is a good time to use a large string of flashers. Ford Fenders, Cow Bells, Lake Trolls, and Ball Trolls will create a lot of commotion and draw fish from a distance.

Pictured Above: Glory Hole Sports Big Fish of the Week Contest goes to 7-year old Justin Bain of Angels Camp. He caught a nice 2-pound, 2-ounce rainbow trout while trolling an Apex near the spillway.

Bank fishing has been very slow and usually is during the summer months. Best bet for shore anglers is to head to the high country lakes. Fly fishing local streams has slowed a bit but is still worth while. During the day try stripping streamers and buggers and in the evenings try using a Parachute Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, or a Light Cahill for rising fish.

Kokanee: Fair. The kokanee are working their way upriver for their annual spawn and die. We have reports of a few fish being caught in the dam spillway area, but the majority of fish are being caught near the 49 bridge and up toward Parrots Ferry Bridge. The fish are starting to get a little color with some having a little hook mouth showing. The bite has been fairly good for most. The fish that are being caught are extremely feisty and very fun to catch. The kokanee have been schooling in deep water for the last few months. Try targeting fish from 70-100' of water. There are a few different setups that have been producing limits. The most popular seems to be a micro hoochie trolled behind a small teardrop dodger. Pink, green, and orange are good color choice for both the blade and the lure. It is very important to add plenty of scent to the blade and lure. Garlic, anise, kokanee special, and bloody tuna are a few favorites. Don't forget to tip your baits with dyed and scent shoe peg corn.

Bass: Fair. The best bass bite has been in the early morning and late evenings. Generally the top water bite is good at this time of year but right now we are getting very few surface blow ups. Most fish are being caught on a variety of soft plastic presentations. A Carolina rig, Texas rig, dart head, and drop shot are all good ways to catch them. The fish are in deep/cooler water throughout the day and move shallow early and late to feed. A very effective way to target fish in deep water is with a oz. football head jig. With a heavy jig you can cover a lot of water while keeping contact with the bottom. The idea is to hit under water cover and structure with your jig. Most of the strikes will come after you pull the bait over a rock, tree, or limb.

Photo #1: Ryan Lee 5-years old caught and released a 3-pound, 8-ounce large mouth bass. He caught this nice fish on the surface on a Pop-R.

If you do keep a bass, please keep the small spotted bass and release the big female (largemouth) black bass. Glory Hole Sports can teach you the difference, so you can practice good conservation of the species.

Photo #2 Mike Delozier and Randall Lee caught a few nice cats on chicken liver.

Catfish: Very good. Most anglers are catching multiple catfish on each outing. The average size catfish is 4-8 pounds, with fish over 10-pounds considered to be better than average. We have had many reports of different baits that are working. Night crawlers, liver, shad, and anchovies seem to be producing the majority of fish. It is very important to use a sliding sinker or no weight at all. The fish will drop the bait if they feel any weight. It is a good idea to leave your bail open while waiting for them to bite. Let the fish run with the bait for a few seconds then set the hook. For bigger cats try using a whole mackerel or sardine fished on a double hook rig.

Photo #3: Glory Hole Sports Big Fish of the Week Contest goes to Zack Guzman. He caught a big cat weighing 11-pounds, 9-ounces. He fished with Dylan Metz who caught a 11-pound cat and Cory Mantzouriz who caught a 7-pound, 7-ounce cat. They reported caught their fish using shad for bait.

Photo #4: Chris Baroody of Sonora caught a nice 5-pound, 8-ounce catfish near the Tuttletown boat launch.

Crappie: Slow. Few fish being caught at night under a submersible light. Try using minnows or a red/white crappie jig.

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