New Sea Angler's Fri. trip catches 18 Salmon, on Sat. they catch Rockfish limits & 71 Lings

by Rick Powers
(707) 875-3344

Rick Powers called in with this report for the New Sea Angler. "We didn't fish Wednesday & Thursday due to weather.

"On Friday we had 24 anglers on a private charter. We trolled up 18 Salmon to 30 lbs. We chose to troll because that is what this group usually does; although we have been mooching with light tackle on most trips.

On today's trip we fished Rockcod off of Pt. Reyes. We had 42 anglers, who took full limits of Rockfish, along with 71 Lingcod to 19 lbs. The ocean conditions were excellent.

"We will continue to run our Salmon/Rockcod/Lingcod combo trips. We will be mooching with light tackle for the Salmon. We will be fishing the Rockcod and Lingcod daily.

"For more information or to make a reservation call 707-875-3495."

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New Sea Angler

Captain Rick Powers
Bodega Bay Sportfishing Center
Bodega Bay, CA

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