New Sea Angler catches 29 Salmon, 340 Rockfish & 9 Lingcod for 34 Anglers

by Rick Powers
(707) 875-3344

Rick Powers called in with this report for the New Sea Angler. "34 Anglers caught 29 Salmon to 30 lbs. They also caught 340 Rockfish full limits of Rockfish and 9 Lingcod to 13 lbs.

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New Sea Angler

Captain Rick Powers
Bodega Bay Sportfishing Center
Bodega Bay, CA

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Captain Rick Powers checked in with these reports for fishing aboard the New Sea Angler for Wednesday & Thursday. "On Wednesday 35 Anglers caught 260 Rockfish, 6 Lingcod & 12 Salmon to 16 lbs. On Thursday 31 Anglers caught 40 Salmon to 32 lbs. plus 52 Dungeness Crabs to 2 lbs. "The boat is full Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If you are interested in reservations we do have room next week for our Salmon/Rockcod/Lingcod combos. If you have any questions or...... Read More