Steve Talmadge talks college graduation, becoming a grandfather again and some fishing reports

by Steve Talmadge
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Hello Sportsman,

Well I have been very busy since the last report. I have had to take a couple of breaks in between trips for family events. I had to take a couple days to run down to the Long Beach and watch my daughter Brooke graduate from college and yesterday we welcomed my 2nd grandbaby. We now have our grandson Cody and new to the world is Jesse a perfect little girl.

As far as the fishing report goes before the tides picked up in the winds came the halibut and bass fishing was starting to turn on pretty darn good. And then the winds and tide muddied up the water and shut the bite off. We've been pounding the water hard but it has been very difficult finding a halibut to bite. After a while of no success we switch over to shark fishing. On the last trip I noticed the water starting to clear and I saw a lot of bait coming down out water front. Things are looking good this weekend as the wind and tides back off. We have landed some large leopard sharks and most are released.

Salmon fishing still is very very good but it's a 3 hour boat ride to get them when the weather allows. Later on in the year the salmon should be excellent when they move in close and the weather gets better. Most of June is just about full and July is over half-full. I believe the best months this year are going to be August and September and we should see some fantastic fishing enjoyed the photos from the last trips.

Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sport Fishing

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Captain Steve Talmadge
Flash Sportfishing Adventures
San Francisco, CA

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