The trout fishing is something special right now at Los Vaqueros

Los Vaqueros Reservoir - Livermore, CA (Contra Costa County)

by Los Vaqueros Staff
(925) 371-2628

The marina is back open and we are once again offering boat rentals. There are some great new views and new picnic areas. Lots of wildlife is out and about for some exciting viewing. Additional shoreline for fishing and walking has also opened up. We suggest calling (925) 371-2628 for exact up to date information. The water level is currently at the 100,000 acre feet. Our water temperature is 58 to 60 degrees. Anglers are having success catching trout, striped bass and a few catfish.

The North entrance to the reservoir is open with a few limitations. Access to the reservoir for fishing on the north end is currently closed. See the CCWD web site for details. The Interpretive Center is open from 9 to 4 on Saturdays and Sundays. We are offering some great programs so check out the CCWD web site. We are expecting lots of rain and wind for the week so we suggest calling ahead if you are thinking about renting a boat.

We are still giving out Whopper mugs. Our program has changed some so check with us at the marina. It takes a 5 lb trout to earn a mug, 12 lb striper, 12 lb catfish and a released 5 lb largemouth bass.

We have State of California Fishing Licenses for sale at the marina. Fish and Game has been checking fishing licenses so make such you have one for everyone 16 and over.

We remind anglers the limit on striped bass is 2 and they need to be at least 18 inches. Make sure you bring a measuring device. Rods must be closely attended.

Use caution as rattlesnakes are active. Please be aware as you walk. Stay away from rock piles and high grass. Never try and pick up a snake.

The trout being caught average around 2 lbs with fish up to 10 lbs. We planted a double load (2400 lbs) on Tuesday, November 13 and another 1000 lbs on Tuesday 11-20 and again on Tuesday, November 27. We will not be planting this week.

The South Cove continues to be your best bet for trout but anglers are catching trout all along the open shoreline. The best way to catch trout this time of year is with nightcrawlers, power worms, orange mice tails or garlic power bait. It is important to use2- 3 feet of leader. Using light line also helps; 4 to 6 lb test is plenty. Garlic scents also seem to help your chances. There is no need for heavy weights. Short casts are often more productive than long casts. Some anglers float their baits under slip bobbers. Anglers also do well throwing kastmasters, blue fox lures and a variety of other trout lures.

Anglers trolling continued to catch fish all over the reservoir. The best reports we are receiving are from anglers trolling a variety of Rapala's in Peninsula cove. Mix it up until you start catching fish. Everything from count downs to floating will sometimes work. The Fire tiger color seems to be producing. Another good color is the Rainbow trout pattern. 6 to 8 lb test line is about right. This kind of fishing is really special and an exciting way to catch trout. For those of you that like to troll now is a good time to give it a shot. Regulars are catching trout every time out.

We have very few anglers focusing on largemouth bass. Over all we continue to rate largemouth bass fishing fair. The reservoir is full off excellent bass habitat so throwing a senko around trees and brush should produce some nice largemouth bass. As the water gets colder it is important to fish your senko very slowly. Please release any big largemouth bass you might catch. They are the future of largemouth bass fishing in the reservoir. We are hearing reports of some under size largemouth's being caught and released. The fish we have seen caught were in great condition.

Trolling for school size stripers from boats has slowed some but some anglers continue to experience good results. Finding fish feeding on the surface was one of the keys to success. If you find feeding fish just about any lure imitating a minnow will work well. Purple and silver or black and silver are good colors. Rattletraps continue to be a favorite for many anglers. Fishing for stripers from the shore has slowed but there is always a chance at some keeper size fish. Stripers from 18 inches to 24 inches are caught by anglers putting in the time. Anchovies, sardines or shad should do the trick. There are many fish in the 16 to17 inch range so measure very carefully. Stripers need to be 18 inches or more. Please release the small fish as quickly and carefully as possible. They are the future of our fishery. We did not see any BIG stripers this week.

No salmon were reported this week.

Fishing for catfish is rated slow. Anchovies, liver and nightcrawlers all will catch fish.

Open seven days a week 7:00am - 5:00pm
Boats are due in by 3:30pm.
These hours are in effect through February.

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