Fathers Day Crab/Rockfishing on the Central Coast

by John Thompson
(805) 595-7200

Fathers Day was the day of our annual Crab and Rockfish trip out of PATRIOT SPORTFISHING aboard the PATRIOT. We had 25 anglers ready and willing to celebrate the day and the weather cooperated in outstanding fashion. While collecting the carb pots we we graced with the presence of 2 humpback whales who decided that they needed to both breach at the same time 100 feet in front of us. It was a sight I will never forget and neither will the others. We managed to get aroung 73 crab which meant we would all get about 3 each. After the pots we checked and reset for their next trip we headed to Point Sal for some shallow water rockfishing. The fishing was a little tough as the current did not want to cooperate with us, but we did manage about 8 around and a few lingcod to end the day. For more information on the crab and rockfishing trips give them a call at 805-595-7200. If you would like any of these pictures you can email me at john@sportfishingreport.com and I will gladly forward the to you.

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Patriot (Avila Beach)

Captain Jay Gavin
Patriot Sportfishing
Avila Beach, CA

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