Kevin Riley & the Outcast have a phenomenal day of fishing taking out 2 different client groups

by Kevin Riley
(707) 986-9842

After a hectic day of fishing Kevin Riley called in with this report for the Outcast, "This morning we went fishing with a full group of 4 clients, by 10:30 we had Salmon limits up to 35 lbs. The smallest Salmon we caught was 25 lbs. The bite was absolutely phenomenal. We picked away really hard to get 40 Rockod & before we finished we got 40 Dungeness Crab as well. The anglers were very excited and happy.

"In so far as the afternoon was concerned we were able to get back inside and get another group of people that were chomping at the bit to go fishing. In an hour and 10 minutes we were able to get their 8 Salmon plus 4 for the crew for the day. That took about 45 minutes of trolling. It was phenomenal, the grade of fish was fantastic. However in the evening the bigger fish stopped feeding, the fish this evening ran between 15 and 20 lbs. At the beginning of day with different clients we had 30 lb. fish.

"As far as the Outcast is concerned, charters are available. We have room in August and that is about it. As far as July is concerned, July 18th, 20th and 27th are open. I did have a cancellation for July 6th so if people want to go fishing we are also open on July 6th."

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Captain Kevin Riley
Outcast Sportfishing
Whitethorn, CA

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