Fishing is Fair to Good at Lake Pardee

Pardee Reservoir - Ione, CA

by Fred Dorman
(209) 772-1472

Look for another round of clear skies, gentle breezes, temperatures in the high 70's to mid 80's this weekend at Pardee Reservoir, cooling a bit next week.

Lake level has continued to drop since last report as preparations are made for the winter rains. Presently Lake level is approximately 6 to 8 feet below spill and continues to fall 6 to 8 inches a day. Good visibility to 11 feet, water temperatures are currently 64 degrees at the 20 foot mark and 67 at the surface as recorded in the Marina.

Quiet on the Lake last week not too many boaters to share stories with. Those still trolling continue to cruse along the eastern side of the Lake from the Sugar Bowl through the Narrows and a bit beyond Mel's Cove. Some others have done OK in the River Arm starting at the Mouth and trolling all the way to Twin Coves and beyond.

Small lures, needlefish, wobblers, Sep's and Uncle Larry's fire tiger all tipped with scented corn or a bit of night crawler behind a dodger still the best combination. Depths have been 30 to 60 feet. Some boaters have opted to tie off way up river at Columbia and beyond and have done well bait fishing. Still others have switched to cat fishing and have been doing well along the eastern side of the sugar bowl just off Stony Point Landing and in Mel's Cove. Chicken livers seem to be working the best.

The best location lately for bank anglers has been Rainbow Point. There is a deeper channel that runs from the back of the EBMUD boat house about 30' out from Rainbow Point and on out towards the Sugar Bowl. Anglers have been casting out 30' and dropping a sliding sinker set up into that channel and doing quite well. Power Bait, any color as long as it is garlic flavored!

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