Fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout and Catching

Shasta Lake - Shasta Lake, CA (Shasta County)

Fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout and Catching
Shasta Lake
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

You cannot catch fish, if you do not get out, and put your line in the water, then put the time in. Fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout at Shasta and Sisikyou Lakes the past 10 days has been good to great. We had that crazy lunar event going on recently and that stuff has not really had much effect on my fishing trips over the years, but I do think past event did play into the Trout bite turning on and off at times, as well as changing weather. Consistent weather has always been the key for where I fish, it can be sunny or windy or rainy or cold or snowy just as long as it stays the same. Those days where the weather is constantly changing is what can make the bite turn on an off.

Sometimes you have to fish hard and have tons of patience to produce some catching. The bite on both Shasta and Siskiyou was difficult at times but by putting the time in and continuing to pound em both hard, and changing gear out often, we had good to great action at times. 

My clients and friends caught and kept, an caught released, some fabulous fish. One trip produced  an amazing 28-inch Shasta Lake, drag ripping an jumping, Brown Trout. This trip was Kirk's first ever trip to Shasta Lake and first fish he caught that day. Talk about getting spoiled haha.

Trolling optimizer spoons on Shasta Lake has been the best producer. Trolling Dodger an worm combo's on Lake Siskiyou has been the best producer. Trolling on both Lake from surface to down to 40 feet and changing the gear out often has been the way to get bit. Various ProCure scents like shrimp krill gel is always a must on the spoons.

**Enjoy the pictures**

All the Lakes, I fish are available now, Mccloud Reservoir, Lake Siskiyou, Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown, are ready to fish. Give me a call 530 905 0758 and let's put your next fishing adventure together. You can also book a trip using my online line booking calendar simply follow the easy to use instructions,  all major cards are accepted. 

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