Trinity River hot steelhead fishing!

Trinity River - Douglas City, CA

Trinity River hot steelhead fishing!
Trinity River steelhead fishing 10 to 15 hook ups a day!! I have January 31st, available!
Photo Credit: Justin Thompson

by Justin Thompson

The Trinity River has been holding greenish water in the Lewiston through Douglas city area, with plenty of steelhead moving up river to the hatchery/dam. We are currently getting lots of rain 🌧️ we are happy to see it, yes it's definitely making me change my game plans from day to day, but it definitely keeps us on our toes and somdays you got to just roll the dice and go for the experience! I just had January 31st, open up, this is my last open date for fishing the trinity river. Check out my website or give me a text or call at  530-917-5619 

We are first aid, CPR approved and USCG approved. We hold special use permit for the Six Rivers National Forest/Trinity National Forest also.

We are on the water over 260 days a year its what we do full time.

Contact Justin Thompson Fishing at (530) 917-5619 or online Justin Thompson

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