What a day today

Sacramento Delta

by James Netzel

What a day today. Got lucky and landed right on the fish at secret spot #1. Secret spot #2 was not so secret as there were 5 boats there. Made 1 pass and saw only a few fish. Looked accross river and wondered if anyone was crazy enough to fish in the direct wind. Well, had secret spot #3 all by myself and after multiple doubles and triples, I called a few over. After a quick restroom break slack tide his us and it was SLOW. Very few fish marked. Secret spot #4 was a bust. While I was headed over deep water to hit secret spot #5, one reel started to scream!!! I thought…Crap another snagged sturgeon. But we were getting good head shakes too so I thought maybe…. After about 10 mins is was a hog spawned out striper!!! After a quick weight, a couple pictures, she went back in and released in deep water to swim another day.

As many know, there really are no secret spots. Lol. Next available date is Friday the 13th!!!

If you would like to go fishing with Tight Lines Guide Service please give them a call at (888) 975-0990. Be sure to tell him the NCFR sent you. If you would like more information please check out the Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Website.

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