Eagle Lake Fishing Report

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Valerie Aubrey

That’s a wrap before the wind came up. Lake conditions: ash fall. Algae seams mixed with ash mostly in the middle but stretch a long way from south to north. For the most part the green surface algae/pollen mix is very forgiving for trolling. Weeds are there but not too bad. There’s a lot of particulates in the water…all the water. There’s about 2.5F-3F difference in water temp between surface & 50ft today. Surface temps vary from 65-68F depending on time of day & location. Orange trolling flies on topline 4-6ft deep and fire tiger 1.5” countdown at 12-15ft (3-3.5 colors leadcore) did very well for us today hanging around the west side 20-42 ft of water. Ramp was fine, including going off the cement. No problem. Note that campgrounds and USFS land & roads (private too) are currently closed & the Dixie Fire remains something we are keeping an eye on. We continue to see smoky days & ash fall has had its moments. There’s actually some fairly large ash particles on the water. The fish will still be here when you can get here.

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