Delta Stripers

California Delta

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tight Lines Guide Service

by James Netzel

We started trolling for stripers in mid February and things were looking very promising.  But those fish quickly disappeared and we struggled to catch fish on a regular basis for a couple weeks.  Things started looking up last week as we found fish in different areas that held no fish last year catching 3-4 keepers a day and about a dozen shakers.  Well my clients just could not wait anymore and begged me to take em out.  So today i invited a few friends to help me scout out some areas not expecting much.  We started fishing around 6:30 trolling shallow runners starting in my "big fish" run.  About 5 minutes into first run....KABOOM!!!!  The big girl hit and was screaming line out.  As I pulled out of the lane and came to an idle...Kaboom second rod went off.  DOUBLE.  Doubles are nice, but gooder fish doubles are the best!!  The big girl was released to fight another day. We stayed shallow all morning catching and releasing ending with 12 good keepers and only 2 shorts.  At tide change, we decided to go look around leaving a pretty darn good bite but looked at the sky and saw dark clouds coming and with the forecasted thunderstorms, we decided to go home and play it safe.

Now I am not going on record and saying this is the start of the big push, but its definitely a great start.  My phone is ringing and trips are getting booked because its that time of year.  So might wanna start thinking about getting on the books.  I am going to be advertising more this season to try and make up from not being able to work last striper season.  I have a new RV at Lighthouse Resort in Isleton and am planning on working as much as possible.

I'm doing something different this year.  My boat will be kept on the trailer and mobile rather than in a berth.  Last couple years sometimes we would have a 30-45 minute run each way to where we are fishing.  That's time spent spending big bucks on gas when we should be fishing.  I will be launching near where the fish are biting so when you book, I may not know where we will be meeting yet.  
Many ask me to let them know when fishing picks up.  Be warned, if you wait to see multiple pictures appearing on social media before you book, there will not be any room.   People have been on lockdown for a year and are eager to get out in the outdoors.

DON'T WAIT!!!  CALL NOW TO BOOK A TRIP as my calendar fills up fast.  To get in on the action, call me toll free at 888-975-0990 or book online at  Price is $200 per person, book 4 or more and save $25 per angler.  2 person minimum but if you are a single booking, we can accommodate most days if boat is not chartered.  And, as always, Veterans receive $50 off.  We will be fishing out of my 23' 2014 Rogue Jet center console Chinook which will accommodate up to 6 anglers.  She's got a new wrap and is looking sexy!!!

If you would like to go fishing with Tight Lines Guide Service please give them a call at (888) 975-0990. Be sure to tell him the NCFR sent you. If you would like more information please check out the Tight Lines Fishing Guide Service Website.

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