The Mad has Been The Most Consistent Steelhead Producer in Humboldt

Mad River - Arcata, CA

Ten-year-old Asha Quinlan, of Arcata, landed this nice hatchery steelhead on Dec. 31,2020, while fishing the Mad River.
Photo Credit: Photo by Richard Burrow

by Kenny Priest

The Mad has been the most consistent steelhead producer in Humboldt and even that has been slow, according to Justin Kelly of Eureka’s RMI Outdoors. He said, “The river blew out on Monday and, prior to that, it had been pretty quiet. You had to move around until you found something. It was slow for the boats as well; they were lucky to get a fish per boat over the weekend. There just wasn’t a lot of fish around, hopefully these rises will bring in a bunch.” With more rain on the way, the Mad will be off color through the weekend.

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