by Jared Davis
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Well... Dat da dat da dat- DAT’S ALL FOLKS !! Our 2020 season is officially over with the close of Rockfish on Dec. 31st... we at Salty Lady Sportfishing will be shutting down for now. We’ll be hauling out for routine maintenance, some upgrades to the boat and our annual Coast Guard inspections.
   We managed to finish off with a bang !! Limits of Crab and Rockfish have been the rule all season, and our last week was no exception. Fantastic quality rockfish from the northernmost boundary of our range near the Noonday Rock Buoy & easy limits of Dungeness Crabs from the waters in between the coast and the islands as well.
   With all of the challenges presented by 2020 we are certainly hoping for calmer waters and smoother sailing in the coming year, but I have recently taken a moment to reflect and I am personally grateful to have been blessed with a great year considering... We had a great Salmon season with exceptionally big fish, and a great Crab/Rockfish season as well.
   We have had an amazing opportunity to offer people an escape from the crazy Covid world for a day... We caught fish and crabs for sure but beyond that we saw spectacular sunrises, amazing scenery, had awesome encounters with rarely seen marine creatures, and made a lot of people happy. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I do and look forward to next season !!! THANK YOU to all of you who came out with us this year... we can’t do it without YOU !!!

The Salty Lady runs fishing trips out of Sausalito, CA. If you would like to join us on a fishing adventure please call us at (415) 548-0150 and book your reservation now. For more information you can visit our website at www.saltylady.com.

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Salty Lady

Captain Jared Davis
Salty Lady Sportfishing
Sausalito, CA

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