New Melones Reservoir Fishing Report

New Melones Reservoir - Angels Camp, CA

by Glory Hole Sports Staff
(209) 736-4333

New Melones Reservoirs' current water level is 1008.00 and 80 ft. from full. Water temperature is in the mid to high 50's. Water visibility is anywhere from 3-6 feet and free of mudlines. After many years of being passed over, New Melones has finally had numerous trout plants the last couple months from DFW and after last weeks plant, it should exceed 20000 lbs of plants in the 1-1.5 lb range. Along with trout plants from DFW, Kokanee Power once again has come thru, planting an additional 200 lbs. of trout to be raised in the trout pens until early spring when they will be released. Angels Cove boat launch is closed while the lower ramp/parking lot at Glory Hole Point and the lower ramp/parking lot Tuttletown remain opened.
Glory Hole Boat Ramps:
Highest ramp is in water from 1088.00 to 1025.00 (CLOSED)
Middle ramp is in water from 1028.00-to 940.00
Tuttletown Boat Ramps
Highest ramp in water from 1088.00 to 1031.00 (CLOSED)
Middle ramp in water from 1036.00 to 942.00
Angels Cove Boat Ramp:
Only one ramp- it’s in water from 1088’ to 975’ (CLOSED) You can call the Bureau of Reclamation to discuss why they close Angels Cove Boat ramp 209-536-9543
The trout bite has been really good recently but most of the fish being caught are just the trout that have been stocked here recently, although a few people are catching nice ones here and there. A good way to catch these trout from the bank would be to go early in the morning and fish with a spinner or Kastmaster, they can also be caught by bottom fishing with worms and Powerbait. Trolling however they can be caught using Speedy Shiners, Rapalas and Apex lures. The trout are anywhere from the surface to 40 ft. deep chasing baitfish.
The bass bite on the lake recently has been pretty tough but with this rain we look forward to better fishing. At the moment the fish are up in about 20-30 ft. of water in the morning time and back out to 40, 50, and even 60 ft. when it gets warmer throughout the day. Some good lures to use to catch the bass at this time is to throw swimbaits and jigs around shallow structure in the morning time and when the sun begins to come up higher, spoons, dropshots, and jigs are good options to use on steep drop offs or rock walls.
The catfish bite has dropped off almost completely as they become a lot less active in the winter time and wait for the water to warm up to start actively feeding again.
The crappie bite should be beginning to pick up relatively soon especially with the cold weather and rain that is on the way which should make them school up and become more active they can be caught with minnows, dropshots, spoons and crappie jigs. The best bet would be to jig up next to trees in a creek arm that has plenty of bait. It seems that the majority of the crappie are sitting between 35-60ft suspended against structure.
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