Lake Camanche Fishing Report by Eddie Sapigao

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

Photo Credit: Courtesy of RB Bass

by RB Bass

Water Temp: 68-74

Water Clarity: 10 ft visibility

Clear blue sky with a tiny bit of smoke

Temp: HOT

Fished the Future Pro event on Camanche this past weekend. This was my first time out on this body of water, so I had no real expectations set. I had a chance to pre-fish Friday the day before the tournament and got my butt kicked as I fished from 6:30am to about 2 pm with the BIG Goose Egg for practice. 

Tournament day I had it in my mind to fish slow and grind it out the whole day. I started the morning off fishing main points which seemed like a good idea as I hooked into my first fish ever on Camanche using a drop shot with a 6-inch robo worm. Unfortunately, I did not land this fish which at the time no big deal, however later that fish comes back to haunt me. I spent most of my day running between 3 spots on the main body, just a consistent grind. I happened to make an adjustment in fishing depth which I was able to get 2 good keepers in the boat. One fell to that same Drop shot rig paired with a Dobyns Champion Extreme 703 spinning rod and the other came off the Frenzy Nail with a creature bait paired with the Dobyns Champion XP 703 spinning rod. I will say having a good sensitive rod was really the key for me catching those fish. The bite was very soft and without the sensitivity of those Dobyns rods I may not have felt the bite. I started out fishing from 20-30ft and ended up adjusting and fishing shallow 7-12ft. My last fish came towards the end of the day in a grass flat and that fish came from the 5xd paired with Dobyns Champion 805CB ripping it out of the grass.

I finished 11th place in the tournament just 2 spots out of the money. Weighed in 8.68 with a three fish limit. 9th place was the last check at 9.13. So, the rule of thumb is you must fish clean because one lost fish can sometimes comeback to haunt you. All in all, I had a great time out on the lake.

If you never fished Camanche Lake, you should come check it out. It is a nice looking like with lots of wildlife. I was as able to see 4 or 5 bucks come down to get a sip of water. Really cool!

Eddie Sapigao

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