3X = a pattern 🐟😎 LIMITS AGAIN !!!

Photo Credit: Tommy

by Jared Davis
(415) 548-0150

LIMITS AGAIN !!! The rule is that twice could be coincidence but three times indicates a pattern... sure hope so !! Almost wish we could find some smaller fish though so our people would eat it all up & have to come back next week... sending ‘em home with these things we probably won’t see ‘em until next season !!!  😂😂😂
   Had some Rockfish & a Halibut to put a little icing on an already delicious cake too....

The Salty Lady runs fishing trips out of Sausalito, CA. If you would like to join us on a fishing adventure please call us at (415) 548-0150 and book your reservation now. For more information you can visit our website at www.saltylady.com.

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Salty Lady

Captain Jared Davis
Salty Lady Sportfishing
Sausalito, CA

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