Fish Are Very Picky on The Little Truckee

Little Truckee River - CA (Sierra County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mountain Hardware

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Fish are very picky on the Little Truckee River right now and it may take several fly changes to get a bite. Throughout the day the Little Truckee is consistent with pale morning duns, light cahills, and caddis. Anglers fishing the Little Truckee inlet by Boca reservoir will also see a good white wing surfer hatch. In the evening, spinners and caddis are prominent and anglers should continue to use delicate presentations and long leaders.


Bugs: BWOs, PMDs, Light Cahills, Small Caddis, Small Crayfish
Gear:  9′-10′ 4-6wt rod with 9′-12′ 4x-6x leader

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