Kokanee fishing in Redding at whiskeytown lake

Whiskeytown Reservoir - Whiskeytown, CA (Shasta County)

Kokanee Salmon
Photo Credit: Captain KirkPortocarrero

by Kirk Portocarrero

The fishing is still on even though the heat has came the fishing stays consistent with limits of Fish  everyday  The fish are getting a little deeper down to 6O feet .All the best colors are gold and white for flashers and pink and orange for the hoochies.Calk me got open dates 530/515/5951 sacriverguide since 1988 full time follow me on Facebook and Instagram 

Captain Kirk Portocarrero is a full-time, professional fishing guide and outfitter, solely, for 29 years straight, owner & operator of Northern California's SacRiverGuide.com. Kirk started at age 15, in the salmon fishing industry in SF and then migrating to Northern California, with a team of 5 guides working for him. He is on the water at least 300 days a year, and his expertise is like none other, providing top of line guide services and equipment, ensuring a successful day of fishing. Specializing Northern California and Southern Oregon fishing for salmon, trout, and steelhead. Call (800) 670-4448 to get in on the action.

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