Eagle Lake Fishing Report, 6-7-20

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Tim Noxon

Fishing was really good for a week after the opener, which was May 23.  Since then, California has had a heat wave and so has Eagle Lake.  The surface water temperature has increased from 53 on May 23 to 66 at Pelican Point and 63 at Gallatin Marina at the south end of the lake. Many, not all, fish have moved out ot the shallows and scattered to deeper water. The heatwave and a bright full moon have also hampered fishing a bit.

One exception to the above:  Anglers trolling flies on a Jay Fair set up are still catching fish in the shallows.  Best bite is EARLY.  Best fly color, bright orange.  Try the west side from Pelican Point south. 

I have been trolling spoons on downriggers from Shrimp Island to Wildcat Point from 8-15 feet deep. We are fishing water 30-50 feet deep.  We are catching fish on red/gold spoons.  Do not go deeper than 20 feet or you will be catching more Tui Chubs than trout.

I have also been trolling grubs from Gallatin Marina to Miner's Bay on the east side. Troll the grubs on downriggers at 6-8 feet deep early.  After the sun hits the water, I switch out to orange/silver spoons and troll them 10-12 feet deep in the same areas.

Most days we are catching limits to near limits. The fish we are keeping are running 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 lbs.  We are also hooking and releasing a fair number of 14 inch trout.  

 The weather cooled down yesterday.  Night time temperatures ;have dropped to the low 30's and are forecasted to run from the low 30's to the low to mid 40's for the next week.  I am going to again start my mornings fishing the shallows  this next week as I expect the fish to "move back in" due to these coler night time temperatures. We shall see.

I am available for guided fishing on Eagle Lake.  However, whether you are fishing with me or not, do not hesitate to call me if you need questions answered or need a current fishing , help with lodging, campsites, or whatever.  

Tim Noxon

Fishtraveler Guide Service

Eagle Lake, CA


[email protected]

Facebook: Fishtraveler at Eagle Lake

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