Eagle Lake Report

Eagle Lake - Susanville, CA (Lassen County)

by Valerie Aubrey

Beautiful overcast morning. ‘Bout time we cooled back down. Windy early today. Fishing has been fair to fairly good since the weather heated up. Fish are moving around and down a little. Surface water temp up from 54/55 last weekend to 63-65F this weekend so we need the cooling off for a few days. Red/gold Thomas Buoyant still producing. Watermelon needlefish, watermelon sure catch, brook trout #5 sinking rapala, orange (#1 red magic fishscale), all around best and olive trolling flies. Kinda a one hit wonder week for lures, but just keep throwing the box at em. Yesterday mid morning we found them 7-15ft deep. 20-30ft of water till bout 9 then 40-50ft of water, same depths. Still pretty scattered. Fish off the Youth Camp appear to be moving towards miners & slough pt & thinking about heading south...holding close to the channel. Tui chub minnows are showing up early. Shore fishing hasn’t been real good with the heat spike & movement but we still have a few fish coming in close and shallow briefly before moving out for the day. Cooler temps this week will help stall the move & keep them relatively high in the water column.

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