Salmon Are Here, Thrills and Limits on Tap

Sacramento River - CA

Another good day, and limits for everyone
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fish Kevin Brock

by Kevin Brock

It took a while this year, but king salmon (and some big ones too!) are pouring into the local Sacramento Valley rivers. 
Bright fish, big fish, and even double hookups are on tap right now. We're catching limits consistently, and there are a lot of salmon out there

Salmon fishing will be great from now through the end of October, so it's time to go fishing!

At FishKevinBrock, we're family friendly, pet friendly, and new fishermen friendly. Kids, ladies, old, young, corporate accounts, all are welcome.
The boats are clean, and the fishing gear is well-maintained. You'll be having fun and battling salmon in no time - and the memories will last a lifetime.
It's SO exciting when a big salmon jumps on the line, the reel starts screaming, and the rod goes bendo! That thrill and anticipation is what brings fishermen back year after year.

Ready to catch some salmon? Just give us a call at 800-995-5543, and we'll get you hooked up.

Fish On!
More About Kevin Brock's Guide Service:
FishKevinBrock is a clean, friendly family-friendly operation with patient, caring guides, we love teaching new anglers of all ages and abilities how to catch fish! No short-tempered, cussing guides here - we love what we do, and it shows.
We also keep the boats and equipment in top shape, always clean and well maintained. The spacious boats have flat bottoms on the inside, along with comfortable seats, so they are ideal for all anglers regardless of age.
Even the fussiest anglers are happy, returning time and time again. We've been fishing every day for decades, and we know what works best for comfort and fish-catching ability.
Anglers that fish with us are absolutely delighted with our high standards and professionalism. We have a very high rebooking and referral rate, which we're quite proud of. 
Fishermen come back again and again for a reason, and it's not just because we catch lots of fish.
All ages and abilities are welcome, and we can accommodate anything from single anglers to large groups. All tackle is provided.
I'm looking forward to fishing with you!
Just give us a call 800-995-5543 today to reserve your seats, or use the website contact form. We'll take care of the details, and before you know it, you'll be catching fish too.

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