Del Valle Lake Fishing Report

Del Valle Lake - Livermore, CA (Alameda County)

by Del Valle Marina
(510) 544-3146

The cold front that moved in this last week caused a slight drop in average lake temperature but be ready for the fish to come back alive once the water temp returns to high 60s low 70s.

The striped bass are still the main fish you are going to want to target out here having gear that can map the lake below you is a huge advantage because for now these stripers are still running sub surface chasing the scattered shad balls around the lake you can usually find them chasing the bait along the channels that flow parallel to the shoreline this is where the fish finding gear comes in handy is locating these areas. The stripers can be entices with a large swimbait being trolled at the right speed such as a Huddleston or a savage gear this is the last few weeks of trout season so the stripers will still chase the trout imitations. Alternatively, rubber flues of different kinds of spoons or Kastmasters can get a super on your line throwing anchovies off the sharp points along the shoreline should give good yields for striper as well especially as the water heats up out here, in the next few months be on the lookout for the striper boils out here this is when you can switch to topwater action and limit within 10 minutes for striper.

The trout are still getting caught out here although them seem interested in shad imitations almost as much as the stripers are, Panther Martin spinner baits have been working well for trout, as well as various kinds of spoons. You can troll these at a slow steady speed to cast them in the shallow coves that dot the shore. If bait fishing is more your speed the east beach shoreline is a great place to throw powerboat or mice tails the best colors to use are any of the yellow or chartreuse colors with an added garlic scent if possible.

The small and largemouth bass are also biting pretty hot out here plastic wise dark Senkos with bright flecks are the best bait to use or you can go with naturally colored brush hogs, putting a small bass jig on the brush hog is a great way to work them through weeds, the trusted night crawler is also a favored way out here to hook into some bass. The bass will mostly be moving anywhere there is some structure for them to nest fallen trees, cat tails and rock walls are the best places to fish to find this fun to fight fish. Although it is always highly recommend to catch and release all bass out here at Del Valle.

The catfish are also being caught mostly in the narrows of the lake you can cast anchovies or mackerel, the catfish out here really prefer to nest around the fallen trees in the water so you are going to want to cast your bait as close to the tree without getting snagged and be ready to hoist that catfish from wrapping your line around the tree.

The perch fishing is doing great out here as they are moving along the weed beds in the shallow water or by any structure you can find tossing a mini night crawler or a red worm will get these fish interest in your bait quickly! If not  simply move on they are quite populous in certain areas of the lake.

As always good luck out there and let’s enjoy this summer- Captain Jacob.

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The lake temperature here at Del Valle has been in the upper 60’s to low 70’s making it perfect weather to come out here and bass fish! The striped bass are moving right now along the channels that move along the center of the lake. The striped bass are balling the bait up and pushing it on shore so you are going to want to use shad imitations to entice the stripers to attack you bait, flukes, or swimbaits are...... Read More

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