Lake Almanor Fishing Report

Lake Almanor - CA (Plumas County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Daddy Guide Service

by Big Daddy

The "Spring Fling" continues here at  Lake Almanor! Beautiful days, light winds, warming waters, big bug hatches and lots of bent rods. Recent trips are still producing the "Almanor Trifecta" of Bows, Browns and King Salmon like the one pictures at left. Most of the fish in the lake are focused on the aquatic bug hatches taking place all over the lake, and while the fish are full, the hatches tend to draw numbers of fish into them. More fish more hook ups, and it is really just getting started. Water temps are running from the mid 50's to low 60's depending on time and location of the lake and have the fish just about at every level. Most of our fish are coming in the top 15 feet of the water column and are extremely hot due to the high level of bug protein being consumed.  Fast trolling has produced most of our action, however slowing things down if the conditions are right can also yield fantastic results. Some of these strikes are mind blowing, with fish getting 50 to 70 feet of line off the reel on their initial run. You would think they would be tired by the time they get close,  but nothing could be further from the truth, with most digging in trying to get under the boat and generally going some form of crazy before being slid into the net. This is light tackle fishing at its finest, hotter than average fish fought on the lightest gear on the boat. What's not to love? Want to get on board for some of this action? Contact us today by going to the Reservations Page, or call (530) 370-1001,  there are only a few days left in the coming month.

In other news the Almanor Fishing Association released the pen raised fish about a week ago from Hamilton Branch, 50,000 Rainbows and 1,500 Browns. The fish have dispersed around the lake, so if you are fishing, be on the look out for light strikes, the fish are small but aggressive and will hit just about anything. Big thanks to AFA volunteers for all their work feeding and caring for the fish over the last 6 months.

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