Lake Camanche Fishing Report 5/5/19

Lake Camanche - Wallace, CA

Janet Maita Jay shared this post on The Gold Country Fishing Report /FB page on May 1st of Lee Jay one of our Camanche residents. He brought in this 9.2 lb. bass but location and bait were not reported.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Camanche Staff

by Lake Camanche Staff
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Still reading at 78% full with an elevation of 222.45′, Lake Camanche was releasing more than it was receiving. 2,030 cubic feet per second coming in from Pardee Lake while releasing 2,403 C.F.S. into the Mokelumne River at the time of this report.  Pardee lake was still spilling over its dam again at the time of this report.

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Due to warm 70 ° water temperatures, we were only able to plant at the north shore boat ramp. Mt. Lassen dropped two tanks of 900 lbs. each for a total of 1,800 lbs. This will be the last drop of the season. Plants will start up again sometime in October/November when the water temps cool off again.

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