Lake Level Update

Lake Berryessa - Winters, CA (Napa County)

Photo from 2/27/2019
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Berryessa News

by Lake Berryessa News

Lake Level as of 4/21/19

Lake level has been slowly dropping and is now at 440.34 feet - only 4.1 inches above Glory Hole.
Season rainfall has hit 37.43" at the dam and 43.3” in the Berryessa Highlands.

The Capell Free Launch Ramp is open.


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Lake Report Update
Lake Berryessa
Lake level has been has been constant for several days at 441.1', 1.1’ above Glory Hole. The last week of rain (2.1”) brought the level up slightly to 441.5’. Season rainfall has hit 37" at the dam and 42.9” in the Berryessa Highlands - the fourth highest rainfall total in 22 years at the dam - with more rain to come. Depending on future rainfall the lake may stay above Glory Hole for a few more weeks, with the Capell Free Launch...... Read More